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Specialist Vehicles

Vehicles Wanted

432 Mk2 APC
Stalwart Mk2 HMLC

Preference show to above vehicles in good running condition but all will be considered.


Repairs carried out on all British armored tracked and wheeled vehicles, either at our workshop or on site

We are prepared to travel to you!!

Amongst the British armored tracked range we can repair and service :-

AFV (armored Fighting Vehicle) 432 MK1 , AFV 432 MK2 and all AFV variants including Abbot SPG (Self Propelled Gun)
Scorpion Re-con Tank, Sultan Command Tank, Spartan Tank

Chieftain Main Battle Tank.

Chieftain armored Recovery Vehicle

Snow cat


Amongst the British armored wheeled range we can repair and service :-

Ferret Scout cars - All marks.
Saracen AFV’s (armored Fighting Vehicle).
Saladin armoured cars.
Fox CVRW(Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Wheeled) vehicle.
Stalwart – High mobility load carrier.


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